What comes to your mind if you hear the term “ecological clothes“? Itchy material? Uncool Design? Or maybe old-fashioned looks, that are only worn by confirmed „ecos“ ? Then you might think as a majority of our society.


What comes to your mind if you see an athlete?

Ambition? Willpower, to change the own body according to certain ideas? Physical fitness and increase in performance? Pushing beyond their limits and making themselves a better human being?


But how do sports and ecological clothes fit together?


Nowadays athletes are deemed as worldwide icons, which embody a successful fitness-lifestyle. Especially nutrition plays a big role within this way of life. To check and select certain good foods have a high standing in today’s society and are the basic components of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We care what we eat. But shouldn’t we also care what we wear? We say: Absolutely!


The problem is, that conventional gymclothes are often cheap goods, which are produced at the expense of people and nature just to make as much profit as possible.


Ten years ago we asked ourselves how to make ecological clothing finally chic, suitable for everyday life and especially affordable.


The vision of realising a clothing line with a sporty look, which can be worn with a clear conscience, finally became reality by establishing A’weiku® in Hamburg, Germany.


Our clothes are not only for high-performance athletes and hobby sportsman, but for everyone who finally wants to assume responsibility for oneself, for other people and our environment.


Look good, feel good, do good!