Fair trade? Sustainable production? Sure, anyone can say that.

By valid certification and seals of our manufacturer A’weiku ensures you that our shirts comply with all essential standards.


But what exactly does “fair trade” mean?


It means that your shirt helps to improve the life and the working conditions ecologically and socially for all involved persons during the production chain – from the cotton farmers to the seamstresses.

You can be sure that your shirt with the FAIR WEAR seal is manufactured without child labor or forced labor. You can wear your new clothes with a clear conscience, because everyone who contributed on this Shirt, has decent, safe and healthy working conditions, fair payment and humane working hours.


To ensure that that our manufacturer complies with the  social and environmental principles and goals, FAIR WEAR Foundation audits our production at different points of the manufacturing chain.


We see it as our obligation to solely offer ecological and fair gymwear, to allow the people and their families, who contribute to our shirts a livelihood. 


Not all cotton is alike

Nowadays with a market share with over 50% cotton is one of the most the natural fibres for textile manurfaction  in the world.


To produce clothes as cheap as possible, the majority of manufacturers accept quite a lot. But the real price is often paid by the cotton farmers. Not only the quality but also the health of the workers suffers from the usage of pesticides and a 


For our shirts we only use 100 % organic cotton. Our manufacturer ensures us, that neither pesticides nor GMO-seeds are used on the cotton plantages. Our cotton is hand-picked and has the highest possible quality, which you can definatley feel while wearing our shirts.



Eco? Logical!


Sustainability is very important during the production process of our textiles. In contrast to other manufacturers, we obtain the needed energy for the production of your shirt exclusively from our own wind farm with 30 turbines and additional solar power. This use of renewable energies transforms your shirt to an almost climate-neutral product and is a significant step for environment protection. 


Even the transport of our gymwear plays a big role when it comes to sustainable trading. Instead of air freight, our shirts reach the port of Hamburg via ocean freight.


This way of energy generation and transport guarantees a climate-friendly production of our shirts and reduces CO2-Emission by 90%.


Each single A’weiku Shirt, with a sewed in Carbon Trust label proofs, that it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.