Behind every name and logo there is a story explaining why it came to this name and what special meaning it has.


Below we tell you the Aweiku story.


The term A'weiku comes from the Polynesian language, which is spoken on many islands of the Pacific, among others in Hawaii. A'weiku can be translated with the word "angel".

It is our vision that people pay more attention to what clothes they wear on their bodies every day. We want to create awareness and convey that to do good can also look good.


From Hamburg to Hawaii


But why a name that comes from the other end of the world? Wouldn't the german term be an option as well? No. Because we have chosen this particular word. We wanted a language of people, which reflects what our clothing stands for.


The Hawaiians are characterized by a deep love of nature. They see and respect their flora and fauna, which is why the islands in the Pacific Ocean are still among the most beautiful spots on earth today.

We at A'weiku, share this point of view. Through the sustainable production of our textiles with wind and solar power, we make an active contribution to the environment.

Our corporate philosophy is consistent in many ways with the following Hawaiian wisdom.


• Consciousness is the ability to shape one's own world according to personal perceptions. Through A'weiku, we want to change our and your world and make them a better placeby producing and selling fair sportswear.

• freedom only can arise when we change old attitudes and behaviors. We at A'weiku see it as our task to explain people that organic does not mean unfashionable, but can look really sporty and chic.

• Endurance means to concentrate energy and focus on the essentials. Even in sports, you can rarely achieve a good result without a good mental and physical endurance. That is why A'weiku consists of a team of athletes who are strong-willed and never lose sight of their goals.


But what does an angel have to do with fair sportswear?


Angels are ambassadors who broadcast messages and spread news. We as Team A'weiku see it as our task to teach the people in our society that it is time for a change. We want to rethink and say yes to sporty, fair fashion.