WHO IS that guy?

I am the face behind the brand, Jacob. I am 30 years old, live in Hamburg and am the founder of A'weiku®.
Our textiles should be worn with a clear conscience. And not just because they are fashionable, but because you want to do good things out of conviction.

In contrast to other "sustainable" labels, we want OUR brand to be truly sustainable.


Even fair-wear goods, 100% brushed ORGANIC cotton, which disappear after two months in the closet or worst case in the trash, simply because the cut or the color is no longer fashionable, is unsustainable people!


In my opinion, FAIR does not mean that you buy regardless from the company with the lowest prices, but that you really know where the clothes that you wear come from.


That the products are manufactured in factories, where people are treated with dignity and respect. That they have a FAIR salary to be able to afford life for themselves and their families.


I founded this company and created the brand A’weiku because i believe in it. I am very happy that people like you share this opinion and shop at A’weiku.


Thank you for your support